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At Hotel Tugu Bali we wish to promote an understanding of the culture of our island and its rich romantic history that is often obscured by newer attractions. With specially crafted excursions so one can discover for themselves the joy of being on this magical island that we call home. Select one of our curated experiences or opt for the Bali-as-You-Please, where you can create your journey.

Ornamen Hotel Tugu Bali



The Royal TUGUDOM dining tells the story of the royal expeditions of King Hayam Wuruk of the Majapahit Kingdom through the vast country including Bali. The Majapahit royal entourage travelled on foot, with buffalo-drawn carts, horses and elephants, from the eastern region of Java to Bali, stopping at temples, markets, villages, and 'tugus' (the symbolizing monuments of the God of Çiwa)

The TUGUDOM is theatrical dining brought back to life by the Tugu Hotels, illustrating the royal parades of the king and his entourage, decorated in exotic leaves and frangipanis, carrying a vast, lavish selection of imperial dishes of the Majapahit Palace as well as cuisine served by humble citizens of the coastal villages visited during these expeditions.

The Sacred Arts of East Bali Tour

This tour takes in the significant destinations of the sacred areas of the East Coast. It includes a moderate climb to the most holy of temples for the Balinese, Besakih, a chance to explore the picturesque village of Sidemen, renowned for its rice terraces that are cut into the base of the volcano Mount Gunung Agung; and after visiting the luscious Bathing Pavilions, a gentle walk through the Bali Aga village of Tenganan famed for its double ikat weaving.


Get into the roots of Balinese life with a special morning performance of the Barong Dance to set the right frame of mind prior to a journey to the heart of Bali through the ancient caves of Goa Gajah and the sacred temples of Tampak Siring. Followed with a 15 minutes walk around the Kintamani Volcano to view the expanse of the island and experience the vastness of the crater before reaching the summit. On the return journey, you will pass through the traditional village of Penglipuran where on certain days you will see preparations for ceremonies and the color of Balinese daily life.


This tour begins at either the famed beach of Balangan, notable for its appearance in Eat, Pray Love, or at the equally world-renown surf beach of Padang Padang. After a sunkissed afternoon, our Tugu driver will take you to the natural amphitheater on the cliffs of Uluwatu to enjoy an evening performance of the fabled Kecak Dance, an exquisitely costumed dance that tells a story from the Ramayana. As the sun sinks into the Indian Ocean visitors become immersed in the romantic magic of the island and its history. The night will continue in the lively atmosphere of the Jimbaran Fish Grill Cafes where a specially selected café will surprise you with a delicious freshly grilled selection of seafood.


Enter the Bali Museum & Jagatnatha City Temple of Denpasar and Puri Satria Temple of the Warriors before spending your afternoon wandering the cool interiors of the cultural center of Denpasar where changing exhibitions of contemporary art and culture are on show. After a walk along the famous fabric market-street of Jalan Sulawesi beside the main ‘Pasar’ central market, try a Kopi Luwak at Kopi Bali, Denpasar’s traditional coffee house. Spend the afternoon at the park of Renon, enjoy the cool of the trees as you watch the city at play, on bikes and flying kites, depending on the season there is always something to see at this amazing park.


Spend a day in the cultural Centre of Bali and trace the history of the sacred arts from their very private beginnings of acts of worship to the contemporary interpretations by modern artists from both Bali and abroad. Browse in the cool expanse of the Neka Museum and learn about the journey of Balinese creative arts from their beginning as a devotional expression to their place today as globally recognized and admired arts. Visit the temple of the Royal Palace and be prepared for the preparation of ceremonies, dances, and parades as Ubud’s cultural calendar is a lively one. Our staff will let you know what may be happening on the day of your visit.


Taman Ayun is the Royal Temple of the Mengwi Empire about 18 Km north of Denpasar. It is located beside the major road between Denpasar to Singaraja and set on beautiful grass mound surrounded by a large man made fish pond so that it appears to float on the water. Taman Ayun includes a beautiful temple building with a multistoried roof and Balinese architecture. The spacious and calming landscaped garden in front of the courtyard welcomes all visitors who come and visit this temple and it provides the perfect place to take a pleasant stroll around the grounds, perhaps imagining the life of the ancient Royals.


It is said that Canggu Beach and Tanah lot have one of the most romantic and most beautiful sunsets of the island. So what are you waiting for? Just ask our driver to drive you to watch these natural fireworks with red/orange dominant colors.


Pump up your adrenaline with a horseback riding experience with Hotel Tugu Bali. Learn how to properly ride a horse guided by our professional trainer. Enjoy a ride through Canggu’s finest beaches.


Celebrate love at Canggu Beach, book your antique bed by the sea, illuminated by oil lanterns and a red dusky Canggu sky, where you will be tucked in for a little private luxurious picnic under the moonlight.


Get closer to nature by cycling around the untouched part of Canggu. Discover the other side of Canggu on wheels and be mesmerized with the sprawling green of paddy fields hidden in the hipster capital of Bali.

Cultural Courses


Indonesia is a blessed country rich in history, arts, cultures, and traditions. Its diverse cuisine is a celebration of this wealth. Cooking Classes in Hotel Tugu Bali introduce a unique hands-on kitchen experience that exposes guests to centuries-old tradition in Indonesian gastronomy, specifically Javanese and Balinese cuisine, embracing authentic, indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients. Glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and exotic richness of Indonesian cooking and dining culture with Hotel Tugu Bali’s chef of fine Indonesian cuisine.


Djamoe is an ancient art of herbal healing from Java. To preserve the knowledge of this traditional medicine, the tightly guarded recipes have been handed down through generations. Set in an authentic and mildly dramatized Javanese kitchen, the Djamoe Class is a step back in time to the days where kitchen and backyards also served as pharmacies.


Experience the splendor of Balinese dance presented by esteemed dance instructors. This class is designed to provide an insight into the significance of art, dance, and music to the Balinese, both in everyday practice and in a spiritual context.


Asian cocktails are still mostly unknown but oh-so-delicious, and the best way to impress your friends at your next house party. Discover our Asian cocktail making secrets while in Bali, while having a fun time with your friends indulging in Japanese-inspired bites. Select a couple of cocktails to make yourself under the watchful supervision of our mixologists, and toast with the fruit of your hard work with the view to the sparkling sea.


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