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Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Tugu Hotels & Restaurants commitment lies not only in the preservation of culture, art and history, but also in its continuous efforts to implement sustainable tourism practices and supporting local communities.

Amongst many of our initiatives:
Sustainability Sea - Hotel Tugu Lombok


Our restaurants has long implemented the farm-to-table concept even before it was trending. Our fruits, vegetables, coffees, and teas are all homegrown in our plantation in East Java which also becomes the bread and butter of the whole surrounding village.

Some of our other efforts:

    • Zero waste initiative; implementation of efficient inventory to avoid waste and various recycling programs
    • No plastic initiative; Our hotels in Bali and Lombok has discarded the usage of plastic while our hotels in Malang and Blitar are in line to follow suit
    • Straw used are grown from our own gardens
    • Recycling cooking oils into candles and oil lamps


The displays of antiques and artwork conserve the heritage values as well as an act of recycling what would normally be discarded. The founder of Tugu Hotels & Restaurants has saved many centuries-old temples and refurbished it to fit into many of the properties. Steeped in history, each property are adorned with ancient beams and doors, window frames, headboards and many more.

Some of our other efforts:

    • Using natural handwoven Indonesian traditional fabrics for our bed runners, napkins, curtains, and more
    • Working with local artisans to supply rattans, terracotta pottery, garbage bins, and more
    • Working with local artisans in creating signature amenities such as lemongrass oils, natural soaps, and more
Gedong Gandrung Hotel Tugu Lombok

Community Engagement

We value our relationship with the local community and strive to employ locally as much as we can. We also extend supports to aspiring artists in each region by providing them a platform to showcase their talents and be recognized more widely.
In Lombok specifically, we have built the Tugu & Friends’ Library and host the weekly English class on the premise.
Tugu Library for Kids Hotel Tugu Lombok


In the months following the earthquake more than a year ago, we found that thousands of children in North Lombok villages had no access to any books. During that time, with the help of Tugu friends and guests, we supplied thousands of basic math & reading books for emergency schools, so that schools could restart immediately.

But books were actually never available to these kids even before the earthquake. There is not one single library, and there is no access to any books including science, geography, biology, art, history, technology, encyclopedia, or just plain kid's storybooks to get them to love reading. Generally, families do not have extra money for books as they are considered expensive. Many families just don’t understand the importance of reading for their children. The quality of education is barely reaching the level required by the government. And this is where you can help.

Our Tugu Lombok family has started a library for the children of North Lombok, at the front part of the hotel. To start with, we are aiming to serve the children in the village of Sire and north of us all the way to Gangga. The children in the surrounding village can come and borrow books at our library, whereas the villages further away, we will drive books for them to borrow on a schedule once a week. One day, with your help, our aim is to cover more and more villages in North Lombok that are often forgotten.

We are requesting donations of used books in Bahasa Indonesia and in English, for children of all ages. If you prefer to send us funds to purchase books locally, we have a special deal of reduced price with Gramedia, and every purchase will be accounted for.

If you are a guest at Tugu hotels or restaurants in our locations across Jakarta, Java or Bali, you may prefer to contact our reception/ team to help. Guests are welcome to join our mobile library trips, and also attend or co-teach our Saturday English classes for the nearby children. Donors name will be listed at our library. Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution to brighten the future of the children of Lombok, this beautiful island that we love so much.


Being so close to nature, all of our properties implements continuous recycling efforts,
such as the weekly beach cleaning in Bali.
Preservation Sea Lombok with Tugu Hotels & Restaurants


The Sire beach where Hotel Tugu Lombok is located, known to many as simply the most beautiful, picturesque, quietest hotel beach in Lombok, a smooth, soft white sand beach made of very fine coral.

Not very much known before, in 2012, we had built a wildly artistic Biorock structure (artificial reefs, aim to create a coral reef and generate marine life around it), powered by solar panel, planted at the end of the reef platter, on the shape of Tugu’s signature barong (the one we use as our logo), symbolizing the ancient mythological animal of Indonesia. Now everyone can access the barge by swimming or canoeing and then snorkel around to observe this amazing structure growing colorful corals and welcoming so many fish and creatures.

Seeing them grow from nothing to a colorful array of rich underwater life brings us such happiness that we must share it with as many people as possible. The Biorock structure has a floating barge on top of it for guests to sunbathe on and relax. This is part of an ecosystem that supports a nearby coral reef.


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We are proud to announce that all of our staffs have been vaccinated. Our commitment to your safety and comfort won’t end here, we will continue to uphold the safety protocol set by the WHO and provide the best experience to all of our guests.

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