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Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Tugu Hotels & Restaurants commitment lies not only in the preservation of culture, art and history, but also in its continuous efforts to implement sustainable tourism practices and supporting local communities.

Amongst many of our initiatives:
Sustainability Sea - Hotel Tugu Lombok


Our restaurants has long implemented the farm-to-table concept even before it was trending. Our fruits, vegetables, coffees, and teas are all homegrown in our plantation in East Java which also becomes the bread and butter of the whole surrounding village.

Some of our other efforts:

    • Zero waste initiative; implementation of efficient inventory to avoid waste and various recycling programs
    • No plastic initiative; Our hotels in Bali and Lombok has discarded the usage of plastic while our hotels in Malang and Blitar are in line to follow suit
    • Straw used are grown from our own gardens
    • Recycling cooking oils into candles and oil lamps


The displays of antiques and artwork conserve the heritage values as well as an act of recycling what would normally be discarded. The founder of Tugu Hotels & Restaurants has saved many centuries-old temples and refurbished it to fit into many of the properties. Steeped in history, each property are adorned with ancient beams and doors, window frames, headboards and many more.

Some of our other efforts:

    • Using natural handwoven Indonesian traditional fabrics for our bed runners, napkins, curtains, and more
    • Working with local artisans to supply rattans, terracotta pottery, garbage bins, and more
    • Working with local artisans in creating signature amenities such as lemongrass oils, natural soaps, and more
Gedong Gandrung Hotel Tugu Lombok


We value our relationship with the local community and strive to employ locally as much as we can. We also extend supports to aspiring artists in each region by providing them a platform to showcase their talents and be recognized more widely.
Tugu Library for Kids Hotel Tugu Lombok


In the months following the earthquake more than a year ago, we found that thousands of children in North Lombok villages had no access to any books. During that time, with the help of Tugu friends and guests, we supplied thousands of basic math & reading books for emergency schools, so that schools could restart immediately.

But books were actually never available to these kids even before the earthquake. There is not one single library, and there is no access to any books including science, geography, biology, art, history, technology, encyclopedia, or just plain kid's storybooks to get them to love reading. Generally, families do not have extra money for books as they are considered expensive. Many families just don’t understand the importance of reading for their children. The quality of education is barely reaching the level required by the government. And this is where you can help.

Our Tugu Lombok family has started a library for the children of North Lombok, at the front part of the hotel. To start with, we are aiming to serve the children in the village of Sire and north of us all the way to Gangga. The children in the surrounding village can come and borrow books at our library, whereas the villages further away, we will drive books for them to borrow on a schedule once a week. One day, with your help, our aim is to cover more and more villages in North Lombok that are often forgotten.

We are requesting donations of used books in Bahasa Indonesia and in English, for children of all ages. If you prefer to send us funds to purchase books locally, we have a special deal of reduced price with Gramedia, and every purchase will be accounted for.

If you are a guest at Tugu hotels or restaurants in our locations across Jakarta, Java or Bali, you may prefer to contact our reception/ team to help. Guests are welcome to join our mobile library trips, and also attend or co-teach our Saturday English classes for the nearby children. Donors name will be listed at our library. Many thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution to brighten the future of the children of Lombok, this beautiful island that we love so much.

1. Orphanage Choir at Hotel Tugu Bali – December 2018

In 2018, Hotel Tugu Bali embarked on a heartwarming collaboration with a local orphanage. As a part of our festive celebration, we extended an invitation to the children from the orphanage to enchant us with their heartwarming performances on Christmas Eve. Not only did we provide them with a stage to showcase their talents, but we also showered them with treats and pampering, creating a magical and memorable Christmas experience. This initiative reflects our commitment to spreading joy, togetherness, and goodwill during the holiday season.

2. Black and White Gala Dinner – Saturday, March 30th, 2019

The Black and White Gala Dinner at Hotel Tugu Bali was an elegant affair with a noble purpose. In March 2019, we hosted this special event to aid the Lombok earthquake victims. Guests donned their black and white attire for an evening of fine dining, entertainment, and heartfelt giving. Every plate served and every moment shared helped us make a difference in the lives of those affected by the earthquake. It was a night of compassion, unity, and unwavering support for a community in need, reflecting our commitment to making a positive impact in times of adversity.

3. Elevation Barn – Purposed for Prasad, 3 June 2022

Elevation Barn hosts a heartfelt dinner at Hotel Tugu Bali with a noble purpose: ‘Purpose for Prasad.’ This special evening is dedicated to fundraising for those in need. We come together to collect funds that will help purchase rice and essential food items for those less fortunate.

4. Bali Children Foundation “Renovate to Educate – Fundraising for school damanged by the earthquakes in Karangasem and Lombok– 12 November 2021

The ‘Renovate to Educate’ initiative by the Bali Children Foundation is a heartfelt effort to rebuild and support schools that were damaged by the earthquakes in Karangasem and Lombok. Through dedicated fundraising and community involvement, this project aims to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for the children affected by the natural disasters. The Bali Children Foundation’s commitment to education and resilience shines through as they endeavor to give these young learners a brighter and more secure future.

5. Stella Child – Entrepreneurship Program, 2 February 2022

the Entrepreneurship Program, succeeded in officially introducing their products at our fundraiser held at the Tugu Hotel. The event was warmly welcomed, with drama performances and short speeches from our Entrepreneurship youth. Not only that, but they also managed to sell almost all of their products to the audience that night. The event that ran smoothly also indirectly provided new experiences and knowledge to dare themselves to promote their products further.

6. Fundraising Gala Dinner at Hotel Tugu Bali – Purpose for Prasad, with the art auction for those who needs – 9 November 2022

Our primary goal was to raise funds for those in need, with a specific focus on providing essential support and nourishment through the concept of ‘Prasad.’ The event brought together a community of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of others.

The inclusion of an art auction added a creative and inspiring dimension to the night, showcasing the power of artistic expression in contributing to meaningful causes. Talented artists, generous donors, and compassionate attendees came together to support this noble endeavor.

The funds raised during the event were directed towards providing assistance to those facing various challenges, ensuring they received the necessary resources and support for a better quality of life.

The success of the Fundraising Gala Dinner underscored the incredible spirit of giving within our community. It served as a testament to the belief that collective efforts, coupled with creativity and compassion, can bring about positive change.

7. Renovation for SDN 4 Sigar Penjalin

Reflecting on our past contribution to the Bali Children Foundation, specifically the renovation project for SDN 4 SigarPenjalin, we take pride in the positive impact we’ve made in the educational landscape of the community.

Our commitment to supporting education led us to collaborate with the Bali Children Foundation, focusing on enhancing the learning environment for the students at SDN 4 SigarPenjalin. The renovation project aimed to provide a conducive space for education, contributing to the overall well-being and development of the students.

Through the collaborative efforts of our team, donors, and the Bali Children Foundation, we successfully renovated key areas of the school, including classrooms, facilities, and recreational spaces. The upgraded infrastructure aimed to create a more comfortable and inspiring atmosphere for both students and educators.

This contribution was more than just a physical transformation; it was an investment in the future of the young minds attending SDN 4 SigarPenjalin. By improving the educational facilities, we sought to empower students with a better learning environment, fostering a love for education and knowledge.

8. Regular Dancing Class for Local Kids at Hotel Tugu Bali

Looking back on our past activities, the Regular Dancing Class for Local Kids at Hotel Tugu Bali stands out as a heartwarming initiative that aimed to foster creativity, cultural appreciation, and community engagement.

This ongoing program was designed to provide local children with the opportunity to explore the world of dance in a supportive and vibrant environment. Our team, alongside talented dance instructors, dedicated time and resources to conduct regular dance classes that not only encouraged physical activity but also celebrated the rich cultural heritage of Bali.

The classes covered a variety of dance styles, including traditional Balinese dances, contemporary movements, and cultural fusion, allowing the children to express themselves creatively while staying connected to their roots. Through the power of dance, we aimed to instill confidence, discipline, and a sense of community among the participants.

Beyond the dance steps, the program also fostered a sense of belonging and camaraderie among the local kids. It became a space where friendships blossomed, and the joy of learning and self-expression was celebrated.

9. Bali Street Mum Kids Christmas Choir – 24 December 2022

In the true spirit of the season, we joined hands with Bali Street Mum to provide a platform for the talented children from their community to showcase their musical talents. The Kids Christmas Choir not only spread festive cheer but also highlighted the resilience and creativity of these young individuals.

Through this collaborative effort, we aimed to bring joy to both participants and the audience, fostering a sense of inclusion and warmth during the holiday season. The children’s angelic voices resonated with the true essence of Christmas, reminding us of the importance of unity and shared moments of happiness.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Bali Street Mum, the kids, our team, and everyone who joined us in this festive celebration. Together, we created a magical evening filled with music, laughter, and the spirit of giving—a memory that will linger in our hearts and the hearts of the community for a long time.

As we look back on this special event, we are reminded of the profound impact that collaboration and kindness can have, especially during the holiday season. It serves as a testament to the belief that, together, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

10. Collaboration with Urban Composs – Supporting Local People and Environment

In our ongoing collaboration with Urban Composs, a pioneering company dedicated to recycling organic waste into nutrient-rich compost, we are actively contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Urban Composs has become a valuable partner in our commitment to environmental stewardship. Through their innovative waste recycling practices, organic rubbish is transformed into high-quality compost, enriching the soil and reducing our ecological footprint.

Together, we embrace the responsibility of creating a circular economy that not only minimizes waste but also generates valuable resources for our community. By collaborating with Urban Composs, we take a proactive step towards a greener tomorrow, aligning our efforts with the principles of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

This collaboration is more than just a business partnership; it’s a shared commitment to fostering a healthier planet. Join us in celebrating this ongoing collaboration with Urban Composs as we work together to create a positive impact on both the local community and the environment. Together, we are shaping a more sustainable and resilient future.

11. Organizing a Beach Cleaning for Desa Canggu – 21st July 2023

Looking back at our recent initiative, we are proud to share the success of organizing a Beach Cleaning for Desa Canggu on July 21, 2023. This community-driven effort brought together individuals passionate about preserving our coastal environment.

Against the backdrop of Canggu’s beautiful shores, our dedicated team and volunteers joined forces to clean up and restore the beach. It was a day filled with purpose and camaraderie as we collectively picked up litter, plastic, and debris to ensure the beach remains a pristine haven for both locals and visitors.

This initiative not only contributed to the immediate cleanliness of the area but also raised awareness about the importance of responsible waste management. By actively participating in the Beach Cleaning for Desa Canggu, we demonstrated our commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who joined us in this meaningful endeavor, making a positive impact on the local environment and fostering a sense of shared responsibility. This initiative serves as a reminder that small actions can lead to significant changes, and together, we can continue to make a difference in the places we call home.


Being so close to nature, all of our properties implements continuous recycling efforts,
such as the weekly beach cleaning in Bali.
Preservation Sea Lombok with Tugu Hotels & Restaurants


The Sire beach where Hotel Tugu Lombok is located, known to many as simply the most beautiful, picturesque, quietest hotel beach in Lombok, a smooth, soft white sand beach made of very fine coral.

Not very much known before, in 2012, we had built a wildly artistic Biorock structure (artificial reefs, aim to create a coral reef and generate marine life around it), powered by solar panel, planted at the end of the reef platter, on the shape of Tugu’s signature barong (the one we use as our logo), symbolizing the ancient mythological animal of Indonesia. Now everyone can access the barge by swimming or canoeing and then snorkel around to observe this amazing structure growing colorful corals and welcoming so many fish and creatures.

Seeing them grow from nothing to a colorful array of rich underwater life brings us such happiness that we must share it with as many people as possible. The Biorock structure has a floating barge on top of it for guests to sunbathe on and relax. This is part of an ecosystem that supports a nearby coral reef.


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