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Whereas Hotel Tugu Blitar’s beautiful and authentic ambience is what has drawn people from every corner of the world to come, it is extraordinary attention to details and the true Javanese hospitality which are most talked about by anybody who has experienced Tugu Blitar.
Ornamen Hotel Tugu Blitar

Heavenly Wedding

Wedding ceremony & celebration filled with meaningful, beautiful rituals to bless the couple for a life filled with harmony, love & happiness. Accompanied by the serenading gamelan, start with pre-wedding tradition from mangiran (body mask massage), siraman (flower bathing), panggih (meeting of the bride & groom), sungkeman (the request of blessing from the elders), to wiji dadi & tampa kaya (the symbolization of financial leader in the family). From lavish royal Javanese keraton wedding decoration, authentic dining experience, a classical wayang & gamelan performance, to arranging an antique horse-cart ride through the nostalgic romance of Blitar any wishes for a most special traditional wedding day will be made true at Hotel Tugu Blitar.


For your most special day treat your guest with a special dining at Hotel Tugu Blitar, renowned for serving authentic indonesian, fine international and oriental cuisine.

Our attention to detail & flexibility will ensure the perfect wedding ceremony & reception.


We believe that every picture has a story to tell, and we would be honored to be a part of your story. Distinct in character, yet flexible in arrangement, our venues allows for multiple art direction and interpenetration that is just perfect for your pre-wedding or engagement photoshoot.


To discover the real, unspoiled East Java means a visit to the town and surroundings of blitar, where most of the remains of Majapahit kingdom still stand timeless, including the largest & most beautiful Hindu temple: Candi Penataran.

This nostalgic town portrays the untouched, exotic java, surrounded by some beautiful, unspoilt beaches, tropical landscap, beautiful rice fields & countryside sceneries with romantic flair of the early days of Indonesia.


All of our flexible venues and dining rooms can be transformed into event spaces that can be set up for business conferences, small board meetings, glamorous social gatherings, or intimate family affairs. Our teams of professional event planners ensures a smooth arrangement, whatever your occasions might be.


Constantly awarded as simply the Best Indonesian Restaurant Group as well as the best experiential dining in the country, Tugu Catering will take care of everything in providing your guests a truly unforgettable experience. We take care of every smallest detail from the finest food and beverage offerings, luxurious buffet or full table service, open bar, unique cultural Tugu Dining experiences, up to all types of entertainment as well as unsurpassed award-winning artful Tugu decoration and design.


Hotel Tugu Blitar

Jl. Merdeka 173 • Blitar

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We are proud to announce that all of our staffs have been vaccinated.
Our commitment to your safety and comfort won’t end here, we will continue to uphold the safety protocol set by the WHO and provide the best experience to all of our guests.

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