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Set during the period between the VOC and the 1900s, Dapur Babah Élite recounts the romantic, almost-forgotten Babah Peranakan culture – a mélange of the Chinese immigrants and the Javanese whose daily culture was strongly influenced by the Dutch who lived on the island during those times.

Every corner of Dapur Babah Élite is individually designed, displaying immaculate attention to detail of history combined with wild imagination. The stunning and dramatic design is blended together with the vast and eclectic collection from Babah times as well as antiques from all over Asia.
Dapur Babah Elite - Venues

The restaurant and adjoining bar were designed to capture the rich nuances of early 20th century Java. The result is a celebration of culture that speaks volume through elegantly decor featuring photos of prominent Babah families, some fabulously wealthy, such as the powerful sugar baron Oei Tiong Ham, and many other artifacts of the colonial period, and a room separator from the Ming Dynasty.

Dapur Babah Elite - Venues & Private Rooms

Adjoining Dapur Babah Élite, Tao Bar is the perfect place to sip delicious exotic cocktails on a romantic date or with cozy groups of friends. The décor transports one to another hemisphere — a world of Eastern mysteries with a romantic flair of unknown origins, faraway destinations, and mystical spirituality. The bar features surreal colors of nymph green, ruby burgundy, giant old temple pillars, mythological animal carvings, and the head of the ultra-powerful Tibetan God of Passion, Mahakala.

The Tao Bar Room has a seating capacity of 40 persons.

Dapur Babah Elite - Venues & Private Rooms


Feast your eyes at our semi-open terrace and get a glimpse of Babah Oei’s living room in 19th century. This terrace is inspired by the kitchen of the Babah Oei family, with a statue of the God of Kitchen, as well as century-old kitchen utensils such as cookie and cake presses, grinding stones and woks. In the evening, this area is lit by giant Chinese lanterns creating a romantic atmosphere.

The Babah Garden has a seating capacity of 40 persons.


Graced by three statues and varied images of the Goddess of Mercy found from different countries such as Nepal, India and China, the black Kwan Yin Room is a true sanctuary for your senses. The calmness the deity represents is contrasted with a long bright red communal table.

The Kwan Yin Room has a seating capacity of 24 persons.


Named after the first female president of Indonesia, the daughter of the country’s founding father Soekarno, who is a frequent patron of the restaurant, Megawati Room is designed in elegant and romantic Javanese setting with a long table overlooking to the garden patio.

The Megawati Room has a seating capacity of 30 persons.


The Angela Room is inspired by and named after the favorite concubine of Oei Tiong Ham, a famous sugar baron who lived in Java in the 19th century. This beautiful room, accommodating 8 persons, is decorated with a big framed photo of Angela Oei adorning one dark blue wall.


The VOC Room is an intimate dining room lovingly furnished with old-world colonial elegance. The highlight is the glass-front cabinet with its original well-worn paint and a bulky VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie or the Netherlands’ Trading Company) emblem from the 18th century.

The VOC Room has a seating capacity of 10 persons.


Dapur Babah Elite & Tao Bar

Jl. Veteran | No. 18-19, Gambir, Jakarta

T: +62 21 385 5653 | M: +62 85 100 602 256

Enquiries : dapurbabah@tuguhotels.com | Media & PR : pr@tuguhotels.com

OPENING HOURS : 11.00 AM - 09:00 PM

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