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At Dapur Babah, dining is not just a meal. It’s a snapshot of unique Peranakan dining culture, which fuses European, Javanese, and Chinese cuisines. Travel through time and experience one of a kind theatrical dining experiences inspired by the Peranakan culture or trace down Babah spices and learn how to cook Peranakan cuisines yourself.


Dapur Babah Élite restaurant is the only establishment which features Grand Selamatan Tafel (Groote Selamatan Tafel).

This unique dining experience has two “nasi tumpeng” or Javanese ceremonial rice served in cone shapes filled with a lot of extravagant side dishes. The smaller cone is called Mannelijke Goenoengan (a male cone referring to Governor General who ruled East Indies or Indonesia before its independence in 1945) and Vrouwelijke Goenoengan (female cone referring to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland). The cones are lifted on stretchers followed by a parade of abundant side dishes. The leader of the parade is a Javanese dancer.


Delight in Jakarta’s First and only authentic Peranakan inspired afternoon tea. Trail back to the time when ladies decked in their signature colorful kebaya tops and chic hair buns, as they elegantly sways. Tea time has a special place in the hearts of Peranakan society, not only for the dining, but for the socializing part. Situated in the nostalgic Dapur Babah, find plentiful of options from savories, sweets, coffees or teas, that truly makes for a sweet afternoon


Cooking Peranakan food has always been a meticulous affair. Learn how to prepare Babah Peranakan cuisine at Dapur Babah Élite, from the concoction of rempahs (herbs) with attention to detail and the traditional methods of cooking that have been passed from one generation to another. Nyonya Oei will share her impressive range of authentic family recipes from Koninginensoep, Loempia Semarang, to Frikadel van Grote Garnalen and much more.

Join NOW and cook like a Nyonya!


Dapur Babah’s Njonja Redaktur’s High Tea pays tribute to the Peranakan women journalists in the early 20th century. Njonja Redaktur's was the Editor in Chief of the first newspaper dedicated to the Peranakan women in the early 20th century, “Istri”. Many discussions happened during these frequent afternoon teas of Njonja Tjoa and the other Peranakan women in the circle.


Dapur Babah Elite & Tao Bar

Jl. Veteran | No. 18-19, Gambir, Jakarta

T: +62 21 385 5653 | M: +62 85 100 602 256

Enquiries : dapurbabah@tuguhotels.com | Media & PR : pr@tuguhotels.com

OPENING HOURS : 11.00 AM - 09:00 PM

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