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At Hotel Tugu Malang, dining is not just a meal. It is a journey back in time to experience the beauty of Indonesian history. In doing so, a range of choreographed lavish dinners of the kings from Majapahit Kingdom in the 14th century, Colonial influenced dining experiences, and authentic flavors through our two restaurants has been specially curated. Dining here is a world apart from any other experience in Indonesia, it opens the doors to a glimpse into the beautiful simplicity and the exotic richness of cooking culture.

Restaurants & Dining Venues


The only restaurant in Malang that features a classic, romantic Malang Tempo Doeloe (Nostalgic Times of Malang) atmosphere, Melati Restaurant is famous for its original Indonesian homecooking old recipes, its Chinese Peranakan menu, as well as a vast menu of tender, juicy steaks, ranging from old Dutch Colonial recipes of batter-fried steaks to gourmet French-style grilled steaks. With its complete breakfast bread menu all baked fresh from the oven daily, this restaurant is also a favorite breakfast and brunch spot, the only one of its kind with its serene Javanese atmosphere and lush tropical greens. Melati Restaurant is open 24 hours all day.

Saigonsan Restaurant & Rooftop Terrace

The Glorious Past of Indochina

SaigonSan restaurant is an embodiment of the Indochina spirit, including that of Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Cambodia. Attached to the iconic Hotel Tugu Malang, the establishment offers a splendid décor and modern Indochina cuisine that tells a rich history from many centuries.

SaigonSan Rooftop Terrace is the ultimate place to live the moment, spending lazy afternoons and romantic evenings where time pauses, people watching on the streets down below, and seeing the crimson dusk slowly being replaced by twinkling lights and the stars.

Ban Lam Wine Shop & Bar

Ban Lam’s elegant interiors evoke a European salon culture, with antique furniture and an intimate atmosphere further enhances by the beautiful collection of local arts, of which the majority are from the owner’s private collections.


Roti Tugu is known as the best homemade bakery in East Java, with the largest bread and cake selection in town. All the products of Roti Tugu are baked fresh several times daily, with absolutely no use of preservatives. Other than its bread and cake products, Roti Tugu also serves Malang traditional delicacies, ice cream and steaks of the Dutch Colonial times.

Tugu Tea House

This cozy nostalgic Javanese lounge on the second floor has indoor and outdoor seating areas, offering a romantic view of Malang’s old town square. Tugu Tea House is a popular meeting point, especially between 4 and 6 PM, where guests gather for afternoon tea (complimentary for in-house guests). A traditional Javanese stall features a variety of traditional snacks and cakes as well as fresh local teas, coffees or herbal drinks.

Royal Angkor

With giant white-washed pillars, the Lobby Hall features elegant chandeliers, nostalgic photographs and furniture and artworks from the late 19th century to the beginning 20th century, creating an atmosphere of a library or an art room in a mansion in East Java from the same period. This hall is mostly used to host wedding receptions, meetings, and private dinners for up to 100 guests.

Babah Room

An intimate dining room that captures the Straits Chinese atmosphere of the 1930s, with an interesting display of old Chinese puppets, pictures of Chinese families that once lived in Java, as well as typical dinnerware used by the Straits Chinese during that era. This room can host private events up to 50 people

Bangsal Merah Boepati

Bangsal Merah Boepati, a tribute to the East Java history from mid-18th century to the end of 20th century, is based on the lives of the regents of East Java, successors of Kyai Brondong through several generations. Research reveals that the two regents who once ruled Surabaya together got into a war against each other.

As a result one of the regents’ sisters ran away and seeked for shelter in a ship that belonged to a man of the Ching Dinasty, who arrived in Java in 1754. Some of the artworks related to these late regents, discovered by Tugu Hotels, demonstrate a fusion between traditional Javanese culture and Straits Chinese influence.

The Sugar Baron Room

This room is created in commemorating the memory of a sugar baron of Southeast Asia who lived in Java, Oei Tiong Ham. In the early 20th century, Oei Tiong Ham was one of the richest men in Asia. This room features very rare and exquisite Chinese antiquities that originated from the periods between the Han Dinasty and the Ching Dinasty. The Sugar Baron Room is available for exclusive lunch, dinner, or private conferences for up to 40 people.

Dining Experiences

Tugudom Dining Experience at Hotel Tugu Malang

Royal TuguDom Dining

Dining at Hotel Tugu Malang

Homecooking babah
Peranakan jawa dinner

Tugu Grand Dining at Hotel Tugu Malang


Dining at Hotel Tugu Malang


Traditional Dance at Hotel Tugu Malang



Hotel Tugu Malang

Jl. Tugu 3 • Malang • East Java

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Enquiries : malang@tuguhotels.com | Media & PR : pr@tuguhotels.com

Enquiries : malang@tuguhotels.com | Room Enquiries: reservation-malang@tuguhotels.com | Media & PR : pr@tuguhotels.com

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